Welcome to my JobPath blog, find out what really happens when you are on the JobPath program contracted to Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland. Follow the program, people and my own 52 weeks of JobPath, in real time.

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Like many people around the country I’ve  been “invited” to participate in JobPath.  The invitation, in the form of a letter from the Department of Social Protection arrived early last week, stating that I have been allocated a Personal Employment Advisor to work with me, to avail of the JobPath Service.

It further states Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland (more about the company later) have been contracted to deliver Job Path on behalf of the Department of Social Protection; failure to attend and fully participate invokes a reduction in benefits. So, I google it.  There was very little information and most of it negative.

This blog, my first, will in general aim to document the program and specifically my experiences on JobPath.  Protecting their identities you will meet the other job seekers and staff, will there be villains and hero’s or stale biscuits and tea? The blog will be anonymous because I’m not sure how DSP or Seetec will feel about the real time, real person, review.

Why do a blog, I feel that it gives a window for the 115,000 people who will be invited to the mandatory scheme over the full 4+2 years.  JobPath is discussed by politicians, by journalist and even on public forums, the vast majority of whom only get the opportunity to view from the outside in and so only see things from a superficial vantage point.  My time embedded or if you like immersed in the scheme, gives a personal and unique opportunity to document my experience and is allowing me the privilege of blogging from the inside out.  It requires some intrusion into my life and maybe some repetitive reading, it will require some commitment from myself  and the thought of possible consequences leave me a little unhinged.  However difficult it is personally, hopefully it will serve the purpose of shedding light on the truth in a way that turning up with a press pass or in a Ministerial car, never could do.

Will the blog increase my skill set, help me reflect on the experience and maybe even get me that illusive job offer? only time will tell.

A little about me, I’m a mature woman with a third level education who built my career in management, finance, administration and personal development. A busy and happy life imploded in 2010 when the recession years brought my working life to an abrupt end. Hope remained with me as I became debt free; recovered from a mental health breakdown and learned to manage my lifelong mental health issues.

Everyday is going to be the day that I get that job !

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Training Materials

If you are with Turas Nua (southern part of Ireland – Cork, Waterford, Limerick)  your online learning is the Alison web site, if you are with Seetc (North  of  Ireland, Dublin, Galway, Sligo and Dundalk), then your learning portal is the Seetec UK website ELVIS, which can only be accesed through explorer and with log on details p;provided by your case worker, some of these courses are listed below.  I will try to list them all as time goes on.

Communications Modules

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